Missionaries of Love and Peace.

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The Missionaries of Love and Peace are dedicated to the Devotion of the

Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and seek to foster and spread this devotion throughout the whole world, and so give continuing glory, honour and praise to our Almighty God and Father.


We are a Private Pious Association with consecrated members actively striving to do God’s work through various spiritual and material ways. Some of the things we do include:-

Prayer Groups: some 2000 plus prayer groups locally, internationally and world-wide, meet regularly to spread devotion to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Adoration & Fellowship play important roles in promoting Devotion to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Pastoral Work: Members work actively in several parishes assisting with assorted duties, including Special Ministry, Baptismal preparation, Choirs, Church cleaning, working bees, parishioner transport, piety stalls, Parish Councils and Parish fetes and events.

 Religious Education: Preparation of children for the Sacraments; Screening of Religious Videos at various Parishes.

Promotion of Religious Goods: Promotion, sales and donations of assorted Religious Goods and Sacramentals, Books, CD’s and DVD’s, both on-line and through Parish Stalls.

Care for the Sick & Elderly: Visitation & Eucharistic Ministry to the Sick & Elderly; Members also work in Nursing Homes.

Food Aid Program: Donations of fresh fruit, vegetables and bread are distributed fortnightly to 300plus needy families free of charge. Food parcels are provided in times of urgency. Material aid in the form of clothing and furniture are distributed whenever available.


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 1) The Missionaries of Love and Peace acknowledge your interest and contributions of all items and articles received, for which we are truly appreciative and grateful. Please feel free to submit any items of interest for inclusion on this site. 


 2) This site is constantly being updated regularly, and new information is added regularly. Please submit any items of personal interest you would like to see included for our consideration.  (Email: twoheartscentre@bigpond.com )

Father John Nagle celebrating Holy Mass

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Gate entrance to the Josefina Maria Two Hearts Chapel at Greendale

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